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30,98 EUR*
Details Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations

Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations In an environment of increased competition, funding cuts, and other pressures, strategic planning is a sound management tool for nonprofits. This workbook provides a guide for developing ...

32,00 EUR*
Details Case Studies of Nonprofit Organizations and Volunteers

Given the increasing presence of nonprofit organizations and their impact upon American society, colleges and universities are recognizing the need to offer courses and programs to train current and future employees, volunteers, and supporters of the ...

28,46 EUR*
Details Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives: Guiding Your Organization to Long-Term Success

Making sure that your nonprofit is going to be around long-term requires financial leadership. This means creating a financial vision for your organization and planning how you'll get there. Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives gives you the ...

14,99 EUR*
Details How to Manage an Effective Nonprofit Organization: From Writing, and Managing Grants to Fundraising, Board Development, and Strategic Planning

How to Manage an Effective Nonprofit Organization Agency professionals at every level will find themselves referring to How to Manage an Effective Nonprofit Organization anytime they have a problem and need helpful, practical and to-the-point advice ...

125,00 EUR*
Details Developing Affordable Housing: A Practical Guide for Nonprofit Organizations (Wiley Nonprofit Law, Finance, and Management)

Developing Affordable Housing Updating the practical advice and regulatory information found in the second edition, Developing Affordable Housing, Third Edition provides the cutting-edge tools and strategies to create long-term stability and meet ...

89,76 EUR*
Details Beyond the Bottom Line: How to Do More with Less in Nonprofit and Public Organizations

Beyond the Bottom Line This text seeks to bring to the management of nonprofit and public sector organizations the kind of concepts long applied to commercial firms. It analyzes the problems and concerns that these organizations share and provides a ...

29,61 EUR*
Details The Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations: Shaping Public Policy at the State and Local Level

The Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations Your "How-To" Guide to State and Local Lobbying This guide is your complete road map to shaping public policy at the state and local level. It gives detailed, step-by-step instructions for ...

76,95 EUR*
Details The Third Sector as a Job Machine?: Conditions, Potentials, and Policies for Job Creation in German Nonprofit Organizations (Europäische ... Management / Série 5: Sciences économiques)

Die Arbeit wurde mit dem Preis «Arbeit und Zukunft Trommel 2001» des Vereins Arbeit und Zukunft ausgezeichnet.. The author examines the employment potentials of the German nonprofit sphere of voluntary organizations (Third Sector) in times of tight ...

24,90 EUR*
Details The Character of Leadership: Political Realism and Public Virtue in Nonprofit Organizations (Jossey-Bass US Non-Franchise Leadership)

The Character of Leadership This guide encourages non-profit leaders to reflect upon the realities of their operating environments. The authors gear leaders toward recognizing and working with political realities, and help shape a value-rich but more ...

61,09 EUR*
Details The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook

The second edition of "The Nonprofit Sector" provides a novel, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary survey of nonprofit organizations and their role and function in society, and it also examines the nature of philanthropic behaviours. Each of the 27 all ...

117,69 EUR*
Details The Study of Nonprofit Enterprise: Theories And Approaches (Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies)

This volume addresses the need to revisit the economic theories from the last two decades that have contributed to the development of a concentrated research agenda on nonprofit organizations. Long neglected as a topic of theorizing and empirical ...

31,03 EUR*
Details Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission: A Strategic Guide for Nonprofit Leaders

Nonprofit decision makers need to know how IT can help extend the reach and scope of their organizations. With contributions from the top experts in the nonprofit tech field, this book provides nonprofit decision makers with information to make smart ...

36,36 EUR*
Details Government-Nonprofit Relations in Times of Recession (Queen's Policy Studies)

Government-Nonprofit Relations in Times of Recession brings together contributions by international scholars to examine how the relationships between governments and non-profit organizations have shifted as a result of the global recession. Each ...

250,44 EUR*
Details Private Foundations: Tax Law and Compliance (Wiley Nonprofit Authority)

Stay updated on the latest tax regulations with this private foundation tax manual Knowledge of tax regulations surrounding private foundations isn't enough if you're an executive of such an organization or a professional supporting a tax-exempt ...

80,49 EUR*
Details Accounting--A Social Institution: A Unified Theory for the Measurement of the Profit and Nonprofit Sectors: A Social Institution - Unified Theory for ... of the Profit and Nonprofit Sectors

Accounting Presents an attempt at a unified accounting system for measuring and reporting the performance of human service organizations as well as firms in the profit sector. The model developed recognizes the centrality of the consumer and the ...

74,11 EUR*
Details Capital Campaigns w/URL: How Nonprofits Can Have the Buildings of Their Dreams (AFP/Wiley Fund Development)

The nonprofit leader's complete source on setting, pursuing, and meeting building campaign goals Here's the guidance you need to accomplish one of the most important steps in the growth of an organization: the campaign for funding and completing a ...

23,78 EUR*
Details Building a Rock-Solid Partnership with Your Board: A Real-Life, Practical Guidebook for Nonprofit and Public Ceos

Building a Rock-solid Partnership with Your Board In Building a Rock-Solid Partnership With Your Board, author Doug Eadie draws on his work with hundreds of nonprofit and public organizations of every size and purpose to explain how board-savvy CEOs ...

39,50 EUR*
Details The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (West Publishing))

The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations in a Nutshell This nutshell provides a valuable introduction and foundation for those students taking classes dealing with the law of nonprofit organizations and the tax treatment of them. Special treatment is ...

13,72 EUR*
Details Wild Republic 12250 - Plüschtier Cuddlekins Orangutan

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product goes towards Charitable Foundations and nonprofit organizations.